How do I register and submit a property for review?
  1. Click on Login/Register in the upper-right of the website.
  2. At the bottom of the Login window, click on Register Here.
  3. Complete the Register form with your user name and email. You’ll receive an email confirmation.
  4. Once you sign into the site, click on Submit on the upper-right menu of the page.

Note: You can always edit a property BEFORE it is published/approved by a reviewer at the Ithaca Real Estate Hub. To edit your property, click on the “Ithaca Real Estate Hub” Dashboard in the upper-left corner of the website after you have logged in.

Are there benefits to registering?

Although registration is mainly to allow property agents/owners to submit entries for approval to be listed on the site, registering will allow everyone to favorite, or bookmark, properties for future reference.

Is there a cost for registering on the site?

No. It’s totally FREE to register.

Who can register on the site?

Anyone. The site is designed for individuals looking for residential places or commercial spaces to rent or purchase, as well as agents and property owners who want to list properties for seekers.

How is the Ithaca Real Estate Hub being marketed and promoted?

The Ithaca Real Estate Hub will be promoted through a mixture of channels that may include social media, partnerships, print, radio, etc. In addition, the website will be marketed to students, faculty, and staff affiliated with Cornell University and Ithaca College who are seeking properties for rent or purchase.

What are the guidelines and minimum requirements to have my property approved?

Minimum Requirements

  • Property Title: required; should be the address of the property, including apartment (i.e. “1234 Penny Lane, Apt. 2B, Ithaca”)
  • Property Description: required; can be long, but only the first few words will appear with thumbnails so make sure those first few words are eye-catching. Do NOT include any URLs to your company site in the description. There should be one post for each unit or apartment.
  • Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Garages: required; decimals allowed (i.e. “2.5”)
  • Sale OR Rent Price: required; numbers ONLY without special characters or symbols (i.e. “2300”)
  • Price Postfix Text: required; use “per month”, “per year”, or leave blank if for sale
  • Area: required; numbers ONLY without special characters or symbols  (i.e. “1500”)
  • Property ID: optional; use a property ID internal to your company that seekers can use to identify the property.
  • Images: required; must be high-quality and 850 x 426px
  • Additional Details (flexible; can add multiple fields)
    • optional; can include items such as…
      • Title: “Date Available”     Value: “2/1/2016”
      • Title: “Contact Info”     Value: “Kelly at kelly@realestate.com or 607.222.2222”

Do NOT include any URLs to your company’s website in any field on the form. Each property, unit, or apartment should have its own entry.


How can my property become one of the carousel or sliding “Premier Properties” at the top of the homepage?

When you submit your property for approval, include a note in the “Message to the Reviewer” area, asking if your property can be added as a “Premier Property”. This does NOT guarantee your property will be selected as a “Premier Property”.

How can my property become a “Featured Property” in sidebars and at the bottom of the home page?

When you submit your property for approval, you will have the option “Mark this property as featured property”. This does NOT guarantee your property will be featured, however, but does let us know that you are interested in the option.

How much does it cost to post a property?

FREE (at least for now). The Ithaca Real Estate Hub is currently in beta as we work to make the site a better experience for real estate agents, property owners, and property seekers. However, all property postings will go through an approval process before they appear on the website: there are guidelines and minimum requirements for all submissions. All properties submitted while there is no charge for posting on the site will remain FREE. Those posts, though, will not necessarily continue to be listed as Featured Properties (sidebars and homepage footer) or Premier Properties (homepage header).

To be alerted before there is a cost to post properties on the website and to receive other relevant updates, please sign up for our emailing list. Click “Get Updates” in the menu above.